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Harrington and Richardson is a U.S. firearms manufaturer and designer of revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. Since its inception, H and R has sold many notable firearms of excellent quality including the Anson and Deely double-barrel shotgun, the USRA single-shot target pistol, and M14's and M16's for the US military. H and R currently operates under Marlin, another of America's favorite rifle makers.

Poor23$46.002d 10h 29m
Good3$27.002d 10h 29m
Fair27$671.062d 10h 29m
Factory New$89.95
3d 5h 55m
3d 23h 13m
Excellent9$25.0111d 9h 29m
$10.00 6h 13m
Factory New$408.95
7h 10m
Factory New$372.95
7h 10m
Factory New$468.95
7h 10m
8h 11m
9h 14m
Factory New$299.991d 15m
Factory New$249.991d 16m
Factory New$229.991d 18m
Factory New$299.991d 19m
Factory New$299.991d 22m
$25.001d 4h 38m
1d 5h 28m
1d 9h 38m
1d 9h 38m
1d 22h 53m
Factory New$209.991d 23h 9m
Factory New$199.991d 23h 27m
Fine$575.002d 2h 1m
Factory New$289.992d 3h 5m
Factory New$289.992d 3h 7m
Good$135.002d 3h 38m
Poor$20.002d 3h 59m
Factory New$249.992d 4h 3m